Got Questions? We've got answers!

What is THE RIPJACK / How does it work?

It's the first ever battery-powered tool to remove the outer jacket from underground primary cable! It's the safest, most efficient solution because there are no blades, and it uses the construction of the cable itself to remove the outer jacket. You can check out our product demo video HERE to see THE RIPJACK in action and get more information about how it works and why it's important!

Can I get a demo unit for THE RIPJACK?

YES! Sign up HERE.

How much does THE RIPJACK cost?

$2,500, with volume discounts available starting at 5 units and up.

When will THE RIPJACK be available for purchase?

It's available now! Order HERE! The first batch of products will ship approximately January 2019.

Who is the manufacturer rep or distributor in my area?

Find your rep HERE.

Does THE RIPJACK come with a warranty?

Yes! It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.