• First power tool to strip the outer jacket off URD cable

  • Eliminates 70 to 200 lbs of force from linemen's joints 

  • Works on all stranded URD cables with no changes between sizes

  • Approximately 5 times faster than current manual tools


THE RIPJACK is THE tool for you!


THE RIPJACK Versus Manual Methods


THE RIPJACK Razorblade Pliers Neutral Winder Adjustable Hand Tool

45 seconds or less

All cable sizes, no adjustment

1 lineman

No internal cable damage

Reduced traumatic injury risk

Reduced ergonomic injury risk

Reduced work comp risk

Any lineman who has stripped the outer jacket off URD primary cable knows it is tough work that quickly tears up wrists, elbows, and shoulders. It can also take a long time, especially on cable sizes 500 MCM and up. When linemen strip cables with knives or jacket peelers, the blade can dig down into the internal components of the cable and cause that cable to fail much sooner than it should. THE RIPJACK™ solves all these problems!